Keywords: A Higher Purpose for SEO

SEO is not about getting #1 spots in Google for loosely related keywords and keyword phrases.

It’s not about gaining massive traffic to your website because only 1% will convert.

What it’s REALLY about is helping Google do its job to be a bridge between a website and the people who need to know that website exists.

Especially now that the 800-pound search gorilla is on a mission to rid itself of all the SEOing fleas it has acquired along the way.

You do not have to settle for a 99% failure rate! Hire me as your search marketer.

I’m not just a keyword consultant! I also provide full search marketing optimization services, but I approach SEO in a word-centric way. Because aren’t words what your website is full of? Pictures may be worth a thousand words, but search engines can’t interpret them. Whatever you’re selling, whether it’s information, a product, or a service, you need words to describe it!

Why should you hire me? Because I will not rest until I find the best and most descriptive, RELEVANT words that you have somehow managed to overlook using on your website.

The perfect keywords are of course the words and phrases your ideal customers will use in their search queries. Whether Google will see your site as a good semantic match depends on how skillfully you use the right words.

When you use the right words, your site is more easily found in the search engines. The right words also help your visitors know they’ve found the right site for their needs. The search engine fulfills its mission. Your website serves its purpose. Your customers find the information, service, or product they’re looking for. Win, win, win!

Your website is a needle in a very large haystack. Google and Bing and the smaller engines serve as the ultimate needle-finders, so we need to treat them with respect and follow their rules.

That’s what SEO is really about. It’s a Zen thing!