Is it time to hire a keyword consultant?

Did you get buried in an avalanche of data in Google’s Keyword Planner?

If so, I can help you make sense of it!

For almost 14 years, I have been honing my knack for selecting the keywords most relevant to your website.

The law of attraction in search marketing:

When used correctly, keywords can help your site attract your ideal customers. You will be able to pull prospects to you instead of pushing so hard to get word of your website out, which works but does take an enormous amount of energy. Why not relax and let your customers find you? They’re typing relevant search terms in Google and other search engines, so they’re already looking for what you offer!

Back in 2002, I had the opportunity to visit the Googleplex in California when it was new. Over the reception desk was a real-time display of live searches. It’s amazing that Google has not only kept that treasure trove of data, but also makes it available to us to gain insights in.

But with so much data, it’s easy to get overwhelmed!

If you need help with your keyword selection, I’m available for a free consultation. I love to talk with people about ways to use keywords to connect with their target market.

Chances are good that I have already done research for a similar market and can give you insights. Set up a time for a free, no-obligation, half-hour phone consultation, and I’ll take it from there!